Biography - Yana Zerkalova
My name is Yana Zerkalova. I'm photographer. I was born 13/08/1979 in Sukhumi -- the capital of former state of Abkhazia, Georgia in the past. In the 1991, after war in Abkhazia i moved to Greece and then to Ukraine, now I live in France. I'm russian and speak russian, french and english. I present myself as independent international photo-artist. My photo-art is my oun sight of the world. I have experience as an architect, interior designer, furniture designer, clothes designer, designer of small architectural forms, stylist and visagiste. I studied architecture in the Architectural institute and i worked as designer for five years in different design studios in Odessa. Few years ago i'v left the architecture and design career and got engaged in a photgraphy. The photography enables me to feel internal creative freedom. At present my idea is to do exhibition in different cities of the Europe and other countries and to open in them a modern life and ancient culture of people of this country and to consider them through a prism of an art sight of the modern independent photo-artist.